-Instill and promote Health & Safety consciousness amongst employees and subcontractors to prevent accidents and injuries and provide a healthy workspace with high hygiene standard.

-Conduct effective Health and Safety training.

Health and Treatment

-Provide availability of adequate medical treatment for all personnel involved in the Project and establish efficient medical evacuation procedure.

-Implement innovative measures to continuously improve our safety practices.

-Provide the best possible care in design, construction and maintenance of equipment and facilities.

Restore and recycling

-Restore the environment on work accomplishment in compliance with enforced statutory requirements and according to contractual commitment.

-Encourage recycling and re-use of materials



-Minimize the generation of hazardous waste and handle all waste in an environmental sound manner.

-Prevent releases; spills and leaks take immediate containment measure in the event of accidental discharges.

Observe Health and safety

-To observe the Islamic Republic of Iran’s health & safety and regulations and other international regulations.