The main activities for the Quality Assurance System include:


-Planning Quality Assurance
-Monitoring the products
-Monitoring the processes
-Measuring and analysis of results

In the first step, a complete list of major and minor activities required for Quality Assurance of the project is developed. Then, their implementation time during the project phases is determined. Next, these activities are implemented during the execution phase. The activities may be modified several times depending on the project circumstances to ensure that all products and processes are acceptable. In the following the aforementioned Quality Assurance activities are explained in brief.

Planning Quality Assurance

Planning starts immediately after the contract award and continues until the project delivery. In the planning, first the requirements of the Quality Assurance System are determined, then Quality Assurance System Teams are defined and their responsibilities and relationships are clearly specified. Next, the major and minor activities of the teams are determined. After that, the resources required by the teams are allocated. In the next step, the schedule for the above mentioned activities is developed. Finally, the Quality Assurance plan is documented and revised if necessary.

Monitoring the products

It is essential that the products be monitored based on the developed schedule. The monitoring phase is implemented by three teams of namely, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and monitoring. The Quality Assurance team prepares the monitoring report based on the report prepared by the Quality Control. In the highest level, the Monitoring team evaluates the quality of the products based on the report prepared by the Quality Assurance team.

Monitoring the processes

In this step, the documents of the project contract are examined to make sure a high quality product is produced by effectively following the processes. It should be noted that the processes required to be monitored are specified in the Quality Assurance Plan. For this purpose, the project management documents including the product management, the process management as well as the configuration management processes are used to monitor processes.

Measuring and analysis of results

In this step, the evaluation of Quality Assurance is conducted by evaluating the results and revisions on the products and processes. Also, non-compliance with the revisions are examined. The progress of the Quality Assurance schedule is determined and analysed. The Root causes of delays are determined and finally reported.