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Our Features

Our Experience

18 years of experience has made Payasazeh Pasargad one of the top level construction companies in Iran.

Professional Team

Payasazeh Pasargad was founded in 2001 and has approximately 18 years experience in civil engineering and building construction.


We employ approximately 300 very professional, highly educated, and highly experienced team members.

Number of Projects

There are more than 30 Major Projects in our client lists in the field of construction .

Total Gross Area

Approximately 1 million square meters of constructed area in our projects.


We provide management, engineering, construction, design and procurement services.

Payasazeh Pasargad Co. was founded as a private company in 2001 in Tehran, Iran, with a paid up capital of 40 billion Iranian Rials. Payasazeh Pasargad (PSP Co.) provides management, engineering, construction, design and procurement services. The scope of these services generally comprises of civil engineering and specifically includes building structures and urban infrastructure.

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